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Pitchers: Take Good Care of Your Fielders

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard
A pitcher's ERA and win-loss record depends largely on what the players behind them do during the course of the game.  If players make more plays, a pitcher's ERA tends to go down.  If a pitcher's ERA goes down they tend to have a better win-loss record.  The point is that fielders are a pitcher's best friend.  When they go all out after a ball, they are helping to improve a pitcher's ERA and win-loss record.

Pitchers:  Take good care of your fielders

Whether he catches the ball or not, this guy
deserves a high five and an "atta boy"
from every pitcher on the staff. 

The next time you are watching a high school or middle school game, watch for the following:  An infielder, outfield, or several of both go all out for a fly ball in foul territory but don't get to it.  What usually comes next is the amazing part.  Many pitchers will get a new ball and get right back on the mound to get the sign from the catcher and barely wait for the fielders to get back into position before throwing the next pitch.  Of course, this makes no sense after reading the first part of this post and understanding the whole "fielders are a pitcher's best friend" thing.
So here is a basic, no brainer  tip for all pitchers.  When a teammate or several of them go after a ball, give them all the time they need to get back to their position and get their breath before stepping back onto the mound.  If the W or the L goes next to my name as a pitcher, I want everyone on the field to be at full strength when I throw each pitch.  You should too.
And remember ... thank them for their effort after the inning.  It's your ERA they are trying to protect.

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