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Outdated Money

By Vishalkhialani @vishalkhialani

Outdated Money

At first we had the barter system which caused alot of headaches and then we got the monetary system. This system is not 100% efficient ask any economist. As countries put barriers in trade and control valuations to their currency we have issues which we sacrifice growth. Don’t get me wrong its the best system we have.

The big blue ( IBM) came up in the news. They don’t come up as often as google or facebook but when they do they sure have a good story to tell.

Well big blues computer managed to beat humans in a game of Jeopardy. This might not seem much at first but this capability means very near in the future a computer will do a better job of providing a variety of services. So your next doctor or insurance agent might be a computer from IBM

Now if this happens alot of people won’t have a job and this is a good thing as we will have more time to ourselves.

The only problem is to avoid the mass hysteria and resistance we need to change our economy from a monetary based system to something different every individual is assured access to all the basic needs of life.



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