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Posted on the 27 May 2011 by Pelski
More Bash'Into The Valley' by Los Angeles-duo Classixx (aka Tyler Blake and Micheal David), featuring the soulful vocal work of Gospel singer Karl Dixon, has been floating about for some time and is finally seeing a release on Green Label Sound - and they're kindly throwing out these two top-notch remixes for free:
The ubiquitous Julio Bashmore attaches his trademark pad-like beats, with a typically airy, light-footed bounce. Catch Mr Bashmore at Underhill Festival this year (stay posted for more info):
Classixx - Into The Valley ft. Karl Dixon (Julio Bashmore Remix)
YACHT provide a medley of jittery synths and analogue bass, at one point constructing a build-up out of a ricocheting of raw, metallic sonics. Stunning retro house:
Classixx - Into The Valley ft. Karl Dixon (YACHT Remix)

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