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Money Attracts Money

By Vishalkhialani @vishalkhialani

Money Attracts Money

There is a saying money attracts money so the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Hmmm….. yes it seems at first this might be true specially if you read the below articles:

I wrote a recent article where I mentioned the bill of rights needs to be revised for more on that article click here

So what’s my point ?

I am saying if you bring true value to the table then money will come. Money attracting money is an illusion as the money’s existence at first place was due to value of a good or service. Below is are some examples why money was attracted to them.

  • Facebook is a now the famous story how a young college under graduate hit it big. People will analyze this method and will conclude a wining strategy but the bottom line is that if you joined facebook you were part of an special group of people which brought value to your social life.
  • Google is another great example. Google is your go to place for information value which will only keep on growing over time.
  • How about a non IT company ? Then check out Saxx . The business promoter had virtually no money but a great product and is now growing respectfully well.


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