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Meant to Be

By Babyjandbean
Meant to Be
One of the most important lessons to learn as a parent is how and when to pick battles.
You know those shopping carts at grocery stores with the attached cars? I always said I would never let my kids ride in them because they are filthy. That was all fine and good until Baby J (1) refused to ride in the seat part of the cart and (2) discovered these magical carts and saw children riding in them and seemingly having a lot of fun.
I fought it for a while and then decided it was not a battle worth fighting. I figured I could still keep Bean in the seat part and Baby J would be happy in the car, right?
Meant to Be
Baby J insisted that his brother join him in the car and once Bean figured out what his brother was up to, he wanted in on the action, too. So, again, a battle not worth fighting. I get my shopping done, the kids are entertained, and I can clean the seats and steering wheels with wipes and wash the kids hands as soon as we are done. Everyone wins. I guess.
Yesterday, the whole family made a grocery run. Baby J climbed in to the car while I strapped Bean in. Husband was beside me and pointed something out that I never noticed before.
Meant to Be
At that moment, I realized that the dirty, nasty, filthy carts aren't so bad. As a matter of fact, they are meant to be - at least for my family.

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