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By Saratpierce
I am, BY NO MEANS, a "fashionista". I'll leave that title to more stylish ladies like Megan and Emily. I usually label myself in the "dress for comfort" zone of fashion. I'm not messy, but 9 times out of 10 I will end up being the awkward girl at the party who didn't dress up enough to blend in with the crowd. 
You'll most likely find me in jeans, fitted t's, and flip flops over dresses and high heels. I've always had an infatuation with heels but ever since I was one of the tallest girls in school {taller than most of the boys} I avoided heels like the plague. Seriously, I was leaning back in my senior prom photo because with the combination of my shoes and hair, I was a good 3 inches taller than my date. Talk about high school horror. While I do like the occasional day to dress up, I just don't trust my own fashion sense enough to branch out and purchase the types of clothes I see on the world's stylish beauties.  Terrible, I know.
I LOVE to explore fashion {if only with my eyes} and I'm a sucker for online shops and catalogs. So I'm stepping out of my normal blogger zone today and diving into one of my favorite 'online window shopping' guilty pleasures: Mod Cloth.
Oh Mod Cloth, how I love thee. You are adorable beyond belief, filled with more fashionable choices than I'd ever know what to do with and you basically represent my dream closet.
*le sigh*
Rather than blabbing on and on about the utter cuteness of their selection, I'll just show you some of my favorites. 

Mad about MOD CLOTH

It's Now or Navy

Mad about MOD CLOTH

Love the Language 

Mad about MOD CLOTH

Licorice Black 
Classic and fun!

Mad about MOD CLOTH

Doubly Lovely
Whimsical and girly!

Mad about MOD CLOTH

Lovely Life
Gotta have it

Mad about MOD CLOTH

Dress that Launched 1000 Ships in Dusk
Simple and chic

Mad about MOD CLOTH

Daytime Darling
Love the movement the stripes create

Mad about MOD CLOTH

Belle et la Fete

Mad about MOD CLOTH

Declaration of Adoration
So sweet and I'm in love with the

I want them all and more!!!
{donations to the "Make Sara look less like a bum" fund can be accepted via check, pay pal, or direct purchase of any of the above styles.}
It seems that, even when I'm branching out and looking at something other than jeans, my eyes are automatically drawn to a more casual choice... and apparently neutrals too!
I'd love to be able to snap my fingers and fill my closet with all these fashionable finds. If they were there, I would definitely wear them. It's in that fuzzy area between them being the store to being in home that I tend to hit a snag. I mean seriously, I think I have a fear of fashion. It's like I need a personal stylist to come with me when I'm shopping to help assure me that I don't look like a total bafoon. Oh life's troubles.
Enough babbling from me... because that's all this post seems to be today... I want to know how YOU fashionista's keep up with trends and evolve your style! ANY tips would be helpful. I'm swimming in a sea of t-shirts and am close to drowning!
Until next time...
What's your favorite online shop to browse? Any suggestions for fashionable cheap finds?

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