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Lazy Week...

By Synzmemoir @synzmemoir
For the past days I have been very lazy. So to make use of this laziness, me and my sister just pin our face in the monitor and watch movies that we downloaded. In short, MOVIE MARATHON. Here are some of the movies  we watch that I highly recommend for you to watch at home. That is if you never got the chance to watch this movies in the cinemas. This is my top 5 movies.
1. Soul Surfer Movie

For people who love to surf, you'll gonna love this movie. A true story of the life of a surfer girl who lost her arm from shark bite.
2. Insidious Movie  
This is for the people who loves to watch horror movies. After seeing this movie, my cousin doesn't want to be left alone her room. :)
3. Beastly MovieThis is good for people who loves fairytale. The storyline can be compared to Beauty and the Beast. For sure your going to love this.
4.  Fast and Furious 5 MovieIf you love the Fast and the furious from 1-4, I'm pretty sure your also gonna love this one. All main cast from FATF 1-4 was on this movie. 
5. Thor Movie
You'll love this if your a big fan of myths and Gods. This is a nice movie.
Well, there you go. Have your own lazy week now and plan your movie marathon with friends. :)

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