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Kim Kardashian Took A Major Step Back

By Alexa Alfonso @lexlovescouture
Kim Kardashian Took A Major Step Back

While the name "Kardashian" tends to put a bad taste in most people's mouths, I personally have never had an issue with the mega famous family. Yes, they are essentially talent-less hacks who rose to fame due to a scandalous sex tape, but I actually have slight admiration for what they have achieved. Think about it, those girls have longevity that does not seem to be losing any momentum. Paris Hilton has a sex tape too, when is that last time you heard someone use the phrase "That's hot"?

Kim Kardashian Took A Major Step Back

I have never held the sex tape against the family. Never held it against them until now that is. Earlier this week, Kim Kardashian-West posted a bare bottom picture on Instagram from her spread with Paper Magazine. Which unless you live under a rock I am sure you saw (whether you wanted to or not).

I have no qualms with how another woman uses her body or expresses her sexuality. At the end of the day, it is your body and it is not my place to judge you. So my issue with Mrs. Kardashian-West does not come from a judgmental place. It just does not feel like this spread was a form of expression.

The spread seems like a caricature of Kim and all the sexuality that she exudes. She is without a doubt a sex symbol, but this feels like she is the butt of a joke and she has no clue. That, or Kim is really just as attention seeking and fame hungry as everyone thought she was. Obviously neither is good.

Kim Kardashian Took A Major Step Back

My first thought was, "But we were just starting to take you seriously!". From a fashion standpoint, Kim Kardashian has been slaying. She has a Vogue cover, many designer connections, and has finally made serious headway in the high fashion world overall.

So, why now? We finally have moved past the sex tape and now everyone's original notion has been reaffirmed. The notion that sex is the only thing she has to offer. Kim Kardashian-West did succeed in breaking the internet, just not in the way I think she intended.

What are you thoughts on Kim's Paper Magazine spread?

Kim Kardashian Took A Major Step Back

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