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It's All About LIES

By Saintgoody

We all tell lies once, twice or many times.  Most of the time, we used it as a trick to hide to truth, to avoid the consequences of our actions or responsibilities, or simply to gain something.  Because of cowardice and selfishness we choose to walk into the road of lies.  It’s the hardest part of every journey and it takes so much courage and strength to live and face the life of truth as it denotes sacrifices and suffering.  Like what I’ve read in a newspaper about a man who choose to die (commit a suicide) than to tell the truth, because telling the truth means putting his family in shame and justice because of what he has done.  We can’t runaway the truth because the lies we create will follow us.  Anyway, I felt sorry for him and for his family. 
I wonder how many people live their life carrying a lies on their back.  I was imagining how hard their life would be, waking up each day wearing a mask.  I can’t really blame those people who resort on lying because there are some situations or people who make you lie even though you don’t want to.  But still for whatever reasons lying is not a good thing.  It will ruin and break a relationship, it burn trust and gives you sleepless night.  So try to be brave enough to face the truth in every circumstance.  I am wishing you a wonderful day.  Always take time to breath, smile and make a wish.
It's all about LIES
It's all about LIES
It's all about LIES
It's all about LIESIt's all about LIESIt's all about LIES
It's all about LIES
It's all about LIES
It's all about LIES

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