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  • ODEITH – Anamorphic Graffiti Letters

    Odeith was, in 2005, internationally recognized for his groundbreaking incursions in the anamorphic art field, standing out for his compositions created in... Read more

    1 hour, 48 minutes ago by   Creativevisualart
  • IMAGinE Revue d’Art Special Issue – “Contre La Violence En Rue”

    My image Spirit in the sky has been published as part of the special issue “Contre la violence en rue” of the e-magazine IMAGinE revue d’Art. The e-magazine... Read more

    8 hours, 11 minutes ago by   Rubicorno
  • Two New eBooks From Dreamscapes to Kick-Off the New Year

    When its cold and dreary outside there’s nothing better then to curl up with a good book and I did just that this past week thanks to the creative team at... Read more

    8 hours, 53 minutes ago by   Edithlevy
  • 岩木山を望む城下町,弘前 / Hirosaki, Beautiful Castle Town

    Hirosaki is a castle town and was the Tsugaru clan ruled the 100,000 koku tozama han Hirosaki Domain from Hirosaki Castle during the Edo period. Read more

    10 hours, 44 minutes ago by   Minakoshoh
  • As She Left It

    is my most recent read -- and I think the first Catriona McPherson novel I've read. An Anthoiny award winner last year, it's set in modern day northern England... Read more

    16 hours, 44 minutes ago by   Vickilane
  • REVIEW: Loft Hostel Iceland

    When it came to booking accommodation in Iceland I knew the only thing I would be able to afford was a hostel. Having had some bad experiences in hostels, in... Read more

    The 27 January 2015 by   Littlebckpacker
  • "Treat the Poor Fairly" - Pope Francis

    Selected families meeting with the Pope inside the MOA Arena, January 16, 2015 in Pasay City. Pope Francis approached each family and blessed them. Read more

    The 27 January 2015 by   Linus
  • Engagement Photography London – Sara and James

    It was early last Saturday morning when I met up with Sara and James and their lovely dog. They get married at Pembroke Lodge next month and it was great to... Read more

    The 26 January 2015 by   Seangannon
  • Top 10 Things to Know About Cuba

    Thinking of travelling to Cuba. Below are 10 things I learned on my first visit. Cuba has 2 currencies. The Cuban Peso (that locals use) and the Convertible... Read more

    The 26 January 2015 by   Edithlevy
  • Look, It’s the Grand Canyon

    Charlene and the grandest of clouds at Grand Canyon “Don’t you want to look at the Grand Canyon?”. For some reason, every time I think of Grand Canyon I think o... Read more

    The 23 January 2015 by   Flemmingbo