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Horse Boarding

By Gerard @presurfer
Horse Boarding
If a horse cannot be fed by its owner every day, it is usually kept at a boarding stable, where the staff will care for the horse for a fee. This is called horse boarding. But horse boarding is also a sport where participants are towed behind a horse at 35mph on an off-road skateboard. Adrenaline junkies stand on a mountain board while gripping a rope and attempt to maintain their balance as the horse is spurred into a gallop by its rider.
Professional British stuntman Daniel Fowler-Prime invented the sport five years ago after he strung a rope between his off-road 'mountain board' and a horse. Now he has developed the daredevil stunt into a fully fledged sport and is looking forward to hosting the UK's first ever horse boarding championships this summer.The Presurfer

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