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Hangover 3

Posted on the 01 June 2011 by Dkentertainment @TheDKE
I just recently got out of "The Hangover 2", and as much fun as it was re-living the first story just retold in a foreign country instead, and a few different twists it definitely left a stale taste of unoriginality. Half of the time I thought I was having the "hangover" struggling to recollect the past events because everything seemed so similar yet less interesting.
As I have discussed earlier in Where did Creativity Go?, the film industry will try and capitalize on success as much as they can even if the final product could never live up to the standards that were created by the success in the first place.  As I was leaving the theater I joked with my friends about the creators making "Hangover 3", not really thinking they would be able to fool everyone a third time.
Well it seems as if my premonition has come true, because it has just been announced that Todd Phillips and Warner Bros. are unofficially in the works on part three. This comes on the heels of the huge box office success for "Hangover 2 " which pulled in over 200 million dollars worldwide over the memorial day weekend.  Phillips has said that he may forgo the pre-wedding blackout blueprint, and at least this gives a glimmer of hope for another original story revolving around "the wolf pack".
Will you be excited for a third film, or are you fed up with the recycled stories that we are fed just because of the promise of a big payday?

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