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Good Old Family Update

By Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

Firstly, I know I haven’t been on here too much because life is crazy busy with our move. My plan is to recommit to daily blogging in mid September when we are settled in our new house, in our new city, in our new state! Hello nerves! So…if you’ve emailed me about anything and I haven’t responded, I’m sorry! I’m not trying to ignore and be rude, I was able to finally respond to a few things tonight while the kids are sleeping (well actually goofing off in their rooms while they’re supposed to be sleeping!) But anyway, I will update here and there and I have a cool giveaway coming up soon!

Well with the moving, we are making headway. We have a reservation with a moving company and have chosen a place to live. I have signed releases to get all the kids medical records. In the shuffle of packing things I have misplaced Adrian’s IEP and I was able to talk to his teacher today about getting a new one, the plan is to email Lincoln’s teacher for his IEP this week (perhaps tonight!?) because I haven’t received a copy of it yet and I need those for new teachers. My list of to-dos is growing shorter which makes me smile! I have packed all of the kids clothing except for 5 outfits each, I have packed all kitchen stuff that we don’t use regularly, and I’ve been steam cleaning carpets and scrubbing walls like crazy. What makes a big empty room so appealing to kids? The second I empty a room there are four little Tasmanian devils spinning circles in it! One great thing though…the girls love scrubbing the walls. I just give them a bucket of warm water and they go to it.

Sanura is enjoying her summer and is probably the most excited about moving out of all the kids. She hasn’t really made a lot of friends ever and I think she is looking forward to a fresh start.

Adrian is doing good in summer school minus the one day that he thought he was getting a hot dog for lunch and it wasn’t hot dog day until the next day. He’s at his own school, with his own teacher, in his own classroom. I think that is so good for him. Less time adjusting to the new setting and new people so he can get straight to the learning. I’m still having anxiety about how he’s going to handle the move and new school, but his teacher is more then willing to problem solve with the new teachers and be in communication with them so that eases my feelings anyway. I don’t know, naturally I am most worried about him.

Nevaeh, my princess, is doing great. She’s just hanging with Sanura a lot. They play for hours and do each other’s hair and nails. I’m glad they have each other.

Lincoln has his ENT (ear nose and throat doctor) appointment one week from today. I would love to just know what is going on and whether or not there is hearing loss before we move. He has doctors here that I trust and that know us so it’s kind of a big deal for me to figure this out, at least some what, before we move. Lincoln is doing so good with his talking and loves to call himself “baby bear” He’s still a mama’s boy and being my littlest I’m loving it.

I did learn one important thing this week. Never ever take Adrian with me when I am making a return at the store. My mom had bought Lincoln one of those games that have fish spinning around and you catch them with the fishing pole, she got him the spongebob variation of the game. I got it home and stuck a battery in it and it did nothing. So I loaded up all the kids the other day and went to get a new one so we could play that afternoon. I gave the game and receipt to the lady at the service desk and got my money back to go get a new one. She grabbed the game and went to put it in the cart behind the desk. Adrian screamed this shrill ear piercing scream. He did not understand why she was taking the game. We went to get another one but they didn’t have the spongebob variation just the old fashioned fish variation. Adrian was not a happy camper. Not only did he cry all through the store but also in the car all the way home. So lesson learned, no returns when Adrian comes to the store with me!

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