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Gods Of Egypt Looks Awful

Posted on the 28 November 2015 by Sirmac2 @macthemovieguy

I saw the trailer for Gods Of Egypt today, and honestly… if I was a studio head, I would have immediately pushed the films release back, pulled the trailer, and hired a new director to rework the film. There’s a massive flop just waiting to happen. First off, the whole film rests entirely on the box office muscle of Gerard Butler. Top that off with the recent controversy over the films lack of diverse casting, and you’ve got yourself a flop. Honestly, if someone asked me what I thought it would make opening weekend, I’d say 6-8M. Tops. The special effects look AWFUL. I have no idea what the film is about. The characters are poorly established.

It’s actually a hell of a lot like Victor Frankenstein, another awful looking film currently bombing despite the best efforts of its stars.

I had the same feeling while watching The Last Witch Hunter.

It’s like there’s a whole slew of films trying to mimic the minor success of films like Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Except, that film wasn’t even that great. Everything that has followed it, from I, Frankenstein to the upcoming Gods Of Egypt, looks awful. Hell, even The Huntsman looks awful.

Hollywood, get your shit together. Don’t blame these flops on us. These flops are your fault. Stop making shitty looking films with awful trailers and then complaining when no one shows up to see them.

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