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Giant Rabbit Fossil Found

By Gerard
Giant Rabbit Fossil Found
Scientists working on the Spanish island of Minorca announced the discovery of Earth's biggest known rabbit species, an oddly unbunny-like giant dubbed Nuralagus rex - the 'Minorcan king of the hares.' The 26-pound (12-kilogram) prehistoric species was about six times bigger than a common rabbit.
The animal, which lived about three to five million years ago, had several odd features that have never before been seen in rabbits, living or extinct. For one, the giant rabbit's 'short and stiff' vertebral column meant it couldn't bunny hop. And the relatively small sizes of sense-related areas of its skull suggested that the animal had small eyes and stubby ears - a far cry from modern rabbit ears.
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The PresurferGiant Rabbit Fossil Found

Giant Rabbit Fossil Found
Giant Rabbit Fossil Found

Giant Rabbit Fossil Found

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