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Ghost Signs (57): Persepolis

By Carolineld @carolineld
Ghost signs (57): PersepolisThese signs don't involve a visit to Iran but to Peckham! They are on the walls of the shop of that name, a renowned Persian deli. The clearest is a fairly modern one on the side wall, but only the word 'Sunday' remains. Its context is lost.
On the front wall are traces of painting, but they have faded and are very difficult to decipher. Above the upper windows, the word 'CONFECTIONER' is still just visible, but the wording below those windows is much more indistinct. Lots of playing with contrast and saturation brought out the words 'toffees' and 'novelties'. Smaller writing on the right-hand side appears to include the word 'stock'. Much is now illegible, then, but there is enough to give a flavour of the delicacies once sold there. Best of all, you can still satisfy your sugar cravings inside, with a wide range of Persian sweets and pastries.
Ghost signs (57): Persepolis

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