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Getting Your Kids from A to B by Bike

By Nicoleao

riding bike with kidsMy kids love their Nintendo, WII and computer… However, I am very much aware of the importance of kids playing outside and moving their bódies, not just their thumbs.

School bike, instead of school run

Since our move to the country however, I’m less worried about them not getting enough exercise because they ride their bikes to school. For my three eldest kids that’s about 6 miles each way, and for my two youngest sons 1,5. When they were younger I made them were helmets, but nowadays they ride their bikes bareheaded. Around here, nobody wears a helmet when they’re on their bike. Only the very young kids, who still listen to their parents…

Taking your kids with you on bike: what are the options?

During my kids’ Baby Years I got one of those handy child trailers. I could put my baby in there, and my toddler, but I never really felt comfortable because I couldn’t keep my eyes on them. Contrary to popular belief moms do nót have eyes in their back! There are parents out there who ride their bike, with their baby strapped onto their body with a baby carrier. I’m not sure about this though. If you take a tumble, there’s no telling whát could happen to your baby…

When kids’ outgrow the child trailer, you can move on to a kids trailer bike. You attach the kids trailer bike to your bike, turning your bike into a tandem bicycle, and your kid literally tags along. What I like about thís system is that you don’t have to worry about your kid surprising you with a sudden left turn.

On Leisures Lakes Bikes you can find lots of nifty systems, you can use to take bike rides with your kids.

Do you or/and your kids ride a bike? And how do you take your kids with you, when you’re riding your bike?

Getting your kids from A to B by bike

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