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Exhausted... Yet I Rise!

By Misslara16 @misslara

The week went by so fast, when someone told me it was Saturday I refused and insisted it was Thursday  sincerely I didn't know it was Saturday cos I have only seen a couple of days in the week.... truth is, I feel frustrated tired and exhausted and I feel like I need to shout so loud or shed a few tears, but growing up, I succeeded in convincing  myself  that tears meant weakness! I programmed myself never to shed tears as I never wanted to be weak, any ways growing up/older I have discovered that it actually relieves stress....
I have to confess, life is hard but law school is harder, I have been bursting my rear for weeks trying to get prepared for my looming examinations and it just feels like I'm not getting there... I just feel like something is wrong with me, I have all these work to do, cases to memorize and exams to kill literally, but things are slow I am trusting God for the best. I will do my best and leave the rest.
So, after trying to cry but the tears would not come, I can't shout literally because I live in a designated quiet area, I decided to give it a rest, stop being so dramatic and  write a poem on how beautiful my life is although law school is a death threat and a lot of things are going on with me...
Just thought to let you know.....
OK, I am a weird 'liker'/ lover, when I like/love a person, I invest my whole self into them and they sort of become my world after God, its weird but I have decided not to change I will just find me someone who doesn't mind investing themselves into me too, believe me, the worst thing in the world is to give your all and get nothing in return....
When I look at the skies, my troubles roll over
Her beauty and wonder, the clouds carefully arranged
You know where the stars sleep and roll over
You own the snow bank and tell the hail to move over
You who made the darkness and light
You assign each to its territory, they obey
You call my name victory, beauty above my pain
Who am I to disobey?
The sparrows eat and live and yet they don't borrow
Therefore I live and breathe far above sorrow
Beauty you replaced for my ashes
And Glory in place of disgrace
I will rejoice in you and be glad
I will extol your love more than wine
You call the stars by their name and you whisper mine
You call me victory who am I to disobey

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