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Evolution of Recess is a Merry-go-Round

By Rachel
Evolution of Recess is a Merry-go-Round Without a positive way to organize chaos, kids are charged with a responsibility to defend themselves from bullies and be creative with their free time.  When recess was first included in the school day, the outdoor break was "free-for-all."  Today, it is mostly the same.  Although, many parents, teachers, school officials and students are stepping up to provide a safe atmosphere for recess.  
Survival of the fittest on a playground may be a decent way to allow the mind and body to break-away from structured performance based learning.  Although, students are challenged and bullies are on parade.  Could higher performance standards or record stress and obesity levels lead to a need for recess reform? 
Can we structure the playgrounds to provide refuge to the downtrodden, peace-loving kid?  Play-as-you-Grow Idealism is Bully Free.  Every voice is heard, Safe2Tell offers an anonymous way to report violence on campus.  Grants are available to assist schools, teachers, parents and kids to take action.

Here are the top 3 suggestions for kids looking to break-free from 'ol school recess.
1.  Reference Harvard's Summary of Bullying Law in  your defense to the right to play FAI.R
2.  Keep your state's current voted-in Bullying Laws in your google docs drive.
3.  Handout Safe Communities ~ Safe Schools  Pre-Planning Assessment Checklist.
On a less serious note, you have the power to bluff a bully.  If your non-violent bully is like most, then your attention is their source of power.  A good strategy is to remain calm and less bothered by teasing words.  As a response to a bully who is saying silly things that are intended to hurt your feelings, try saying, "so."  Instead of giving them more of your time, give bullies less of your time.
Christy Camp

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