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Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi

Posted on the 20 April 2017 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson
Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi

provides a suite of tools aimed at assisting you with organization and marketing of your content, products and services. The wide array of services provided by Kajabi will simplify your marketing tasks and ensure that your digital marketing strategy is organized and executed in a smooth and effective manner.

It provides you with an extremely organized, customized and highly optimized platform to create, market, and sell your knowledge and content online.

Kajabi offers an array of services including unique templates, landing pages, marketing tools, sales tools, blogs, payment systems, analytics and integration with third-party services.

This premium service will let you turn your website into an online store, exhibiting your products to consumers. You can customize your site to a great extent, according to the theme of your brand.

Kajabi also provides a standout payment system that ensures flawless transactions, without any transaction fee.

Creating and Selling Online Courses

Kajabi enables you to sell your knowledge online by converting knowledge and content into products. You can build interesting and useful online courses, membership sites, training portals, simple file downloads or any other form of digital products. The interface that assists you with the creation of online courses is quite user-friendly and guides one well.

Tapping on Products, lets you add a title and a thumbnail for your course. Next, you can select a theme for each of your products, to make them aesthetically pleasing. The themes are fully customizable, and you can choose the one that suits the product and your requirements. The themes provided by Kajabi are optimized for all devices and are fully mobile-responsive.

The interface guides you throughout the process and lets you customize the product details, appearance, posts, categories, comments, and announcements.

Kajabi's video hosting lets you upload your videos right into Kajabi. The encoding and delivery of content are powered by Wistia, which ensures a flawless video-viewing experience.

Kajabi also ensures that your customers get a fully-equipped, optimized and useful product. It lets you add file downloads to your products including documents, images, presentations and audio files, without any complications. You can upload your content directly from your computer, from your Dropbox or from Google drive.

The interactive in-course discussion is integrated right into the tool, which lets your customers interact and engage. Kajabi provides notifications for your customers when they get replies on their comments, encouraging community-building.

In order to extend convenience to your customers, you can set up Kajabi to deliver emails containing more content to your customers, on a schedule based on when they bought the product.

Organizing Members

Kajabi lets you organize the database of your existing customers, allowing you to nurture relationships with them. While we're at it, Kajabi's 'comment moderation' is worth mentioning. This tool lets you see all the comments posted throughout your products, from a single location. You can reply to your customers right away and keep them engaged.

The tool can segment and display the list of all the individuals who acquired a product (or service) from you. You can also see who bought what, by product-wise filtering.

Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi

Profiling of customers has been made simpler by Kajabi's 'Member dashboard'. You can browse individuals and see the list of products they purchased, their payment history and the number of times they logged in. You may also inscribe specific interactions with a certain member.

Marketing Tools

The marketing tools and services provided by Kajabi are bound to assist you with collecting leads and converting them into followers or customers. The collected leads are stored and organized within Kajabi.

Kajabi's landing page builder lets you create an interesting and unique landing page within a few minutes. The process is evidently simple. You'll have to choose a template from the variety offered by Kajabi, add content and you're good to go. You can find all types of templates including launch pages, sales pages, 'Thank You' pages, webinar registration pages, opt-in pages etc.

Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi

Kajabi also lets you understand your existing and potential customers by gathering information about them. You can generate and customize forms to gather information about visitors. These forms can be placed in your products, websites and landing pages.

This will enable you to create more relevant and interesting content for your customers, based on their preferences and habits.

Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi

Kajabi simplifies the process of communicating with target customers. It lets you send tailored messages to targeted segments of customers, from within the tool. This will encourage engagement and integration, increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty around your business.

Moreover, you can also record, analyze and compare the influence and performance of the emails that you send. Kajabi's email analytics will let you track your emails and see which of your emails are getting accessed by the audience.

Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi

Sales Tools

Kajabi's sales tools ensure that you've set up a complete and flawless procedure to sell your products and get paid for it. These tools provide a simple interface to set up the procedure to receive payments, customize payment options, generate offers and much more.

The collection of payments is extremely simple through Kajabi as it comes with an integrated payment system, powered by STRIPE. This eliminates the need for a third-party gateway. You can set up and start receiving payments through credit cards, from all over the world. Kajabi also lets you generate offers for your customers. You can create special, time-bound offers and bundle-purchase offers for specific products. You can also set up time-bound discount coupons to benefit existing customers and attract new customers.

To extend convenience to your customers, you can leverage Kajabi's payment options. Apart from a one-time fee, you can also offer monthly installment plans for your products. You can switch the supported currency or let your customers do it by providing the option to switch currencies. In order to avoid any hassle, VAT compliance is directly integrated into this tool.

You may also offer to upsell purchases to your customers once they complete a purchase. You can add those products to the purchaser's library with a single click.

Another standout set of tools offered by Kajabi is their built-in affiliate tools. These tools are extremely useful while managing and recording statistics related to affiliate marketing. You can organize and track sales, commissions and partner referrals.

Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi
Kabaji provides a user-friendly dashboard to your affiliates, who can log in to analyze real-time stats.


Kajabi offers three different plans. The transaction fee is 0%, regardless of the plan you choose.

Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi

The plan is the cheapest of them. You can avail it for as low as $129 per month. It offers services for up to 5 products. Other features include 1000 marketing emails, 1000 active members, 25 landing pages, advanced theme customization, access to Kajabi University training courses and much more. However, this plan restricts the number of administrators and websites to 1.

is their most popular plan. You can add up to 100 products, 5 administrators and 3 websites on this plan. It offers an increased number of marketing emails, active users, and landing pages. Other additional features include Affiliate programs, Technical support with live chat and option to remove 'Powered by Kajabi' watermark. This plan will cost you $389 per month.

The most expensive and advanced plan offered by Kajabi is 'Premiuim' . It starts from $899 per month. This plan allows you to add as many products as you want. It also provides unlimited landing pages and active members. The maximum number of admin users you can add is 25 while you get 100,000 marketing emails.

Kajabi offers an interesting tweak with its payments. If you choose to get billed annually instead of monthly, you get a 20% discount on all plans.

You can try Kajabi free for 14 days on trial basis.


Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi Easily Market, Sell, and Deliver Your Content Online With Kajabi

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