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Doomsday 2012 Delayed

By Psychicillumination

Doomsday 2012 Delayed

I have never wanted to be that guy standing on the street corner with the sign that reads, “THE END IS NIGH!” And yet here I am.

When I first learned Remote Viewing from Ed Dames in 2005, I was amazed! As a natural psychic, it was a Godsend. It gave me clarity that no other system did.

Even my beloved Rosicrucian Order did not help me as much regarding accurate psychic perception. The Order definitely gives you life skills that no other school can, but the form of development is more geared for general psychic mastery then precise perception.

Remote Viewing allowed me to look into the future with unambiguous lucidity, but what I ‘saw’ was not always pleasing. One of those events was a period of tribulation for the Earth. As much as I wanted to deny it, I ‘looked’ again on several occasions from the vantage point of other people and the result was always the same.

Since 2005 I have RVed this event and the Sanctuary’s of  individual people, many times. A person’s Sanctuary is a safe place that person can survive the coming series of events we have come to call, The Apocalypse.

Will the world really come to an end on December 21st, 2012? No! But by then events will have taken place that will make all the inhabitants of the Earth realize just how precarious our situation is.

Every single person’s future I look into is now producing data pertaining to their Sanctuary or their death. It doesn’t matter whether I am looking at their love life, their career or their optimum location. NOW is the time to find your Sanctuary! And it would be irresponsible of me not to help you find it!

I have been an intuitive my whole life. I have generally considered it a curse. Since I’ve received training, I consider it a  manageable curse. Being an accurate psychic is the one of the few things, besides being a Dad, I excel at!

Trust me, you can laugh at me now, but before December 21st we will have an event that will wake us up: a worldwide earthquake, shocking astrological event, like spotting Nibiru or unusual radiation from the our Sun, that is going to let us know things are about to change! 

Will an Earth shattering event happen on exactly December 21st as the Mayan Calendar seems to predict? Maybe. I don’t know exactly. Here is what I do know, most of the destructive events will happen after the first of the year, 2013; specifically the first quarter of 2013!

So as you can imagine, after we have very disruptive events in the next month, most people will let their guard down, thinking that the worst is past. They will be wrong. Don’t get fooled and don’t get lulled into lowering your guard.

There are specific safe zones around the world and around North America. Let me help you find yours before it’s too late! I don’t know how much communication and infrastructure is going to be up and running as this series of events unfolds. NOW is the time.

Contact me at or call or text 904-505-8257. 

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