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Cool Hunting on St. George Spirits

By Dinocelotti @TheDabbler

I recently found this very interesting article on Cool Hunting about St. George Spirits, an artisan distiller down in Alameda, CA. St. George is doing a lot of really fun and interesting stuff.

They’re making the first, I think, U.S. made agricole Rum.

They’re making their own “Tequila”, very cool. It can’t be called Tequila because they aren’t making it in mexico, but they are using 100% agave to make it. I don’t know enough about the processes they are using, but I would be very interested to try the range!

Also interesting is that they are making three different gins, with completely different botanicals and profiles – Botanivore Gin, Terroir Gin, and Dry Rye Gin.

St. George also happens to be the producer of Hangar One Vodka, which you are more likely to be familiar with.

The Cool Hunting Article can be found HERE.
Follow Cool Hunting on Twitter @CoolHunting 

Also check out St. George Spirit’s website HERE.
Of course they can also be found on Twitter @StGeorgeSpirits

Cool Hunting on St. George Spirits

Cool Hunting on St. George Spirits

Cool Hunting on St. George Spirits

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