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Can You See the Enthusiasm on This Face?! I'll Be h...

By Nancykerschen

Can you see the enthusiasm on this face?! I’ll be h...Can you see the enthusiasm on this face?! I’ll be heading out soon to spend the next 2 nights in Lamastre-a village 30min. west of Tournon- to celebrate the 30th birthday of Aurelien, Julien’s old  (and my new) friend. Our schedule for the weekend includes hiking, cooking, games, and plenty of vino. Did I mention that 4 out of 5 of his guests work in the wine industry? We’re bringing a 2007 Yves Cuilleron St. Joseph  Le Lombard, and a 2009 Domaine Habrard Crozes-Hermitage, as well as bags of ingredients to prepare a Thai green curry.

Its going to be a delicious weekend!

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