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Bond is Bloody British!!!

Posted on the 25 November 2012 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

Bond is Bloody British!!!

Having seen Skyfall twice make that three times now! I couldn’t help but notice how many times the word “bloody” is used throughout the film. I am sure this is seen as a big British word but it really does feature a lot. Hence the title of this blog post, it possibly is the most British Bond film to date with a lot of the scenes being in and around London, with a trip to Scotland as well so the UK is very well used in this film. (But don’t worry some other places are involved too).

It very much is an advert for London, the tube, the buildings and then the UK as a whole. Talking about Queen and country, love for England and then the final scenes moving up to Scotland. Marking 50 years of James Bond as well which I think just makes it even more British. I am not complaining about any of this at all, I loved it. Thought it was such a good idea to really go for it in that sense and be more traditional.

Bond is Bloody British!!!

It’s mainly Daniel Craig and Judi Dench aka James Bond and M who seem to utter the word the most throughout the film often directed towards each other as well. Apparently the most complaints come when Judi Dench swears in the films than for anyone else, so I think the one use of the f-word would have a mass of complaints although she doesn’t say it too clearly. Probably done on purpose so the audience question it, did she really just say that?

Bond is Bloody British!!!

Ralph Fiennes also adds some brilliant very British lines as well, the way he says shocking is just brilliant. As it fits his role and the film really well. Especially when you see who he is going to become, not going to spoil anything I promise! Not forgetting bringing Q back and I am sure he gets in on the bloody good time had by all.

Bond is Bloody British!!!

I am going to talk about the Tube again, I love how much of a key role the underground system had in this film. From the map to the different stations and the very good chase whilst on the Tube. Making reference to how rush hour is and how crazy it can get traveling at peak times. When I go to London we always travel by Tube so that could have something to do with how much I enjoyed that addition to the film, although it really wasn’t too busy the last time I was down London.

Bond is Bloody British!!!

Bloody Bond is bloody back in bloody London having a bloody good time . . . I think you get the point by now. But the next time you watch Skyfall I bet you will now notice how many times they use the word bloody! Unless of course you already noticed and just find yourself nodding in agreement with this blog post. Either that or I was just very sad to actually notice it all, maybe it was just me?

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