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A Cliche Tie for Father's Day

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
A cliche tie for Father's Day We all do it. The cliche tie for dad for Father's Day. How can we help ourselves? It's the only accessory we have to work with! This year I decided to make one rather than buy it--pointed bow tie to be exact. I haven't yet made a normal straight tie before but it seems a lot harder. Anyone know?
Well, I don't have a template for the tie I made just this very second--maybe in a few weeks--but I thought there might be more people out there who also got their dad a tie and would like a fun way to give it to him so I came up with this 3D tie poster/card. I'm thinking, ideally it's set on the kitchen table on Father's Day as a sweet surprise. Of himself. Don't dads love pictures of themselves? No? I didn't even ask permission from my dad, so, ummm, he has not choice.
A cliche tie for Father's Day Supplies: cardboard for the backing, picture of your dad (ideally in a suit so the bow tie works), craft knife, glue stick, tie (again, I'll include a template here in a few weeks)
Step 1: Print off the picture of your dad. I used a picture from my wedding and just blew it up on an 11x17" piece of paper. And no, I have no idea what he's doing here with his hand.
Step 2: Glue the picture to your cardboard.
Step 3: With your kraft knife, make two incisions on either side of his neck. Because he was already wearing a bow tie I make them on either side of the bow tie in the middle.
Step 4: Bring the tie through each hole.
Step 5: This is the hardest part. Tie a bow tie. Now, I even looked at various step-by-step tutorials on how to do this and to NO avail. Guys, how do you live?! So, I ended up just tying it like a shoelace. Whatevs.
A cliche tie for Father's Day Happy Father's Day all you dads (are there any who read???)
And while we're on a dad kick, check out yesterdays wrapping idea for Father's Day.

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