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7 Daniel Craig Films You Should See

Posted on the 04 November 2012 by Caz @LetsGoToTheMov7

7 Daniel Craig Films You Should See

I will admit that back in 2006 and the release of Casino Royale I jumped on the Daniel Craig bandwagon, but that didn’t mean I would just wait for his next films to come out. I went back and tried to watch as many as his back catalogue of films as possible. So I decided that the next feature on my 7 Things would be 7 Daniel Craig films you should see, not including any of the Bond films! He has appeared in a very wide variety of films and took on many different types of roles.

1. The Mother (2003) 

7 Daniel Craig Films You Should See

Playing the part of the man who has a passionate affair with his girlfriends mother, a very gritty role as you’re not sure whether you allowed to like him or not. It is difficult to watch in parts, I’ve only ever seen it once and don’t really feel the need to want to watch it again.

2. Enduring Love (2004) 

7 Daniel Craig Films You Should See

A very creepy tale of a stalker, after witnessing a deadly accident. Daniel Craig is being stalked by Rhys Ifans and they both put in fantastic performances in the process. It actually took me a few attempts to watch this film from start to finish after buying the DVD as I found it difficult to get into but you really have to stick with it and give it a chance.

3. Layer Cake (2004) 

7 Daniel Craig Films You Should See

The role which got everyone talking about Daniel becoming the next Bond, even though this films all about drugs and drug dealing! His character is very likable and possibly the start of having his shirt off a lot in films? I find this film to be very like Guy Ritchie’s in this type of genre.

4. Flashbacks of a Fool (2008) 

7 Daniel Craig Films You Should See

A Hollywood star fighting his demons thinks back to the summer which changed his life forever. While Daniel’s screen time is not massive in this film, it really is a hard-hitting performance and you cannot help but feel for him. You get to feel his pain in the passing of the man who used to be his best friend as a boy.

5. Defiance (2008)

7 Daniel Craig Films You Should See

The accent and the overall performance in this hard-hitting emotional film about Nazi occupied Eastern Europe and how three brothers make a difference when they must battle to survive.

6. Cowboy’s and Aliens (2011)

7 Daniel Craig Films You Should See

May come as a bit of a shock to have this film included as it was a strange idea for a film. But with Daniel in the lead role I really found myself getting right into the film. Showing that he can be a cowboy as well and obviously fight aliens.

7. Dream House (2011)  

7 Daniel Craig Films You Should See

A man battling his demons in a house which is not exactly as it seems, the film is jumpy with plenty of twists and turns. It might be a little too confusing for it’s own good but it does work. Daniel’s performance of a man who is driven mad really is quite haunting.

I tried to pick some of the less known films for this list and managed to not include The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo even though he puts in a fantastic performance. I have tried to pick the films you may not have already seen! Let me know your thoughts on Daniel Craig’s films!!!

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