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2014 Martial Arts Movies

Posted on the 27 January 2014 by Berniegourley @berniegourley

Here are some of the known or suspected martial arts movies for the new year.

RAZE; January 10, 2014

A film to appeal to guys who make the RAARRW noise when they see two girls get in a fight, but to the extreme.
I, FRANKENSTEIN, January 24, 2014

OK, this is better labeled sci-fi as it’s based on the premise that Shelley’s monster lived into the future. However, I heard that Aaron Eckhart spent six months learning Kali for the film, so I’ll throw it in the pot. (Also, all martial arts films are cross-genre anyway.)
SPECIAL ID, The Chinese release was in 2013, but there may be a US release in March 2014

This is a 2013 Donnie Yen action film that was not released in the US, but may be soon.
JOURNEY TO THE WEST, March 7, 2014

For those who liked Kungfu Hustle (and who didn’t) this one should appeal. It’s a period piece, but with the same kind of humor and visual affects as Kungfu Hustle.
THE RAID 2, March 28, 2014

This is a sequel to the 2011 Indonesian film produced by Gareth Evans.
ICEMAN, April 3, 2014

The latest Donnie Yen film. It’s about an ancient Chinese warrior who is unfrozen and kicks ass in the modern age.

Another attempt to capitalize on the inexplicable popularity of this cartoon. But I’ll give it a chance.
THE MONKEY KING, September 14, 2014

A new play on the popular Chinese folk tale.

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