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You Are More Than Just a Job Title

Posted on the 24 May 2011 by Shrinkingthecamel

You Are More Than Just a Job TitleWhen I was 29 years old I interviewed for a business development position as a step up from my current job. Although it offered more career opportunities, the title wasn’t any different: “Account Manager.”

Before accepting the position, I decided to approach my new boss – a tidy and efficient woman with a cropped head of hair resembling burnt straw – with a bold question. Would she mind if I changed the job title to include the word, “Director?” That sounded so much more sweeping and official, as if a sea of resources were at my disposal. Even though I was really only going to be a one-man show.

Plus, I wasn’t about to accept the fate of being an Account Manager the rest of my life.

“Sure,” she said, shuffling a pile of papers on her desk. “I don’t care what your title is, as long as you get your job done.”

At the time, all I was thinking about was my resume. Building it up. Making it sing. That swanky Director title would forever mark my position as, well, I don’t know – what exactly does a Director do? Whatever. Perception is everything, and leveraging that title would certainly ensure that my next potential employer viewed me at a higher pay grade than that lousy Account Manager role.

To find out what happens next, click here to finish reading this post over at The High Calling.

Image by Kelly Sauer. Used with her permish.

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