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Wishful Thinking...

By Heidi @missfinn
It's Friday and it's been a big week.  Let's not get into anything too serious today, let me just leave you with a few images that I'm loving right now, some of them give me something to think about (nothing too brain-draining of course) and some of them simply make me smile.  I hope they make you smile too.
Wishful Thinking... Wow, what a bathroom! I like the juxtaposition of classic and modern, the stone bath and the gilt mirror.
Wishful Thinking...I'm working on finding a look for our bedroom (this is a project that has been on-going for some time) and I like the simplicity of this room, but enjoy the light splashes of color from the linen and texture from the furniture.
Wishful Thinking...This style of French upholstered bed is my dream.  I love the idea of this style of bed, but the reality is that my husband's feet would be forced to hang over the side to accommodate his height.  Maybe I could get one for the guest bedroom?  Of course there would have to be a guest bedroom in our house first though. 
Wishful Thinking... Colour!  Neon!  Length, pleats and shape!  This skirt has it all. Except I'm not in it.  Wishful Thinking...I love the open-plan of this room.  One large space shared for a variety of family oriented purposes.  It is definitely nice to watch the children while preparing dinner and to then be able to eat together while enjoying a lovely view.   
Wishful Thinking...I would love a chair like this in my bedroom, or in a reading nook. Just for me, for no one else. Thank you.
Wishful Thinking...A chaise lounge would be good too, yes one of those too please.
Wishful Thinking... Woolen Chuck Taylor's, so cute!  Love these.Wishful Thinking... A day bed like this is a necessity when living on the coast.  It's on the list.Wishful Thinking... The original Smart car in my opinion.  Not electric, no, but just as tiny!Wishful Thinking... Lots of light, bench space and storage.  Wishful Thinking...No bench space, not much storage, not much light, but character and lots of it.  I have had many kitchens just like this one and it is amazing how I managed to cook huge family meals in such a small space.  
Wishful Thinking...The Leica Hèrmes M7 limited edition camera.  This will forever remain on my wish list, and that's ok because some things are just not meant to be.
Enjoy your weekend!
Sources: The Paris Apartment, Jak&, Marie Claire Maison. 

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