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Who Are the Gun Rights Activists?

Posted on the 03 April 2011 by Mikeb302000
Farago posted a photo and story about Tom Selleck, apparently a big gun lover. Here's my comment.
I did want to say that it's refreshing to see that you've got a celebrity or two on your side. Of course you can't count the new generation of rappers and such, they don't inspire much responsible gun handling. But of the genuine celebrities, they're few and far between.
Same goes for academic people, university professors, and I suppose any other group of educated, intelligent people. Lawyers and doctors, for the most part want nothing to do with guns. Even politicians, who are often lawyers or otherwise educated, would almost all be against guns except for their needing to please the constituents.
And who exactly are those constituents? What exactly is your demographic? From which groups do you come? I realize it sounds terribly elitist, and I'm sure I'll be attacked viciously for it, but among the upper strata of American society, you guys draw very few. Think about it.
What's your opinion? Who actually makes up the rank and file of gun enthusiasts in America?
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