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While {we} Wait

By Tinybear @tinybeardk
  {Courage consists in the power of self-recovery}Ralph Emerson The snow arrived over here.So did Mr. Blue.Normally he would arrive at my doorstep sometimeson the day before Christmas While {we} wait this year he knocked on mydoor already on Nov.1th.Since then he have beenfollowing me around the house
While {we} wait{while we wait} I have been doing a little Christmas decoratingin the meantimeand a little bit of cleaning out in the studio.Going through boxes - sorting a bitstuff like that.
While {we} wait while doing so, I came across all the cards, and lettersand tags and business cards I have saved from lovely blogging friends thought the years.
While {we} wait and decided to make aFriendship Memory Journalout of those. To have them all gathered in one placeto be enjoyed and to give memoriesabout all the lovely gifts and swaps I have received
While {we} wait{while we wait} here´s some of the pages.And there´s lots of space for more.I so love this journals of Frindship 
While {we} wait The 'Ticket to Venice'have started and this is my suppliersI gathered for my journal for this class.
While {we} wait the signatures - all ready
While {we} wait{while we wait} This is my finished journal.This is going to be my'how to' travel journal
While {we} wait I have some really cool vacations coming upnext year and have planned to make travel journalsfor those - can´t wait
While {we} wait Here´s the spine.How cool is that.MAM is such a wonderful teacherand I can´t wait to follow along with the 'fill it' part. I´ll show you along the way.  That´s all I have been doing since last time.But that´s okayThings are going in the right directionand will definitely be better Thanks for popping in.I so appreciate you all Tina ♥♥♥  by the way he´s still hereMr. Blue that is.Normally he´ll leave on Jan. 2nd.Cross my fingers he´ll do so this time too.  

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