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When You Just Don’t Want to …

By Yourfamilysurvivalcoach @shari_brewer

Sometimes you have to put on your big girl undies and do stuff that you just do not feel like doing. It’s called LIFE, isn’t it?

Tonight I’m sitting here with my red lippy on, all ready to head out to a function (with gorgeously lovely people mind you) BUT all I truly want to do is change into my pajamas (a new pair today, thanks KMart! Bargain that they were), chat with MOTH, eat dinner on our laps in front of some mindless Saturday night tele and crawl into my bed with the iPad to read some blogs. Am I antisocial? Sometimes, when I want to be. Am I getting old? Why, yes and thanks for the reminder. Am I just not into it? Not tonight.

One of the most important reasons for me going, aside from the fact that it is a fundraiser, is that I am always telling my kids that life is not about picking and choosing what you want to do and when, oh …. and practicing what you preach is one of the toughest things about parenting.

Have a great Saturday night! What are your plans? (If you’re staying in, I am quietly jealous!)

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