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What Goes Around, Comes Around...

By Seamssewcreative
This is just a little message to the jerk out there who stole my diaper bag...
All I can assume is you must be the lowest life form on the planet to steal from a mom and a baby.
I can see the point in stealing a wallet, but a little boy's lunch box? A Baby blanket? A sippy cup? A personalized bib?
I think it was fairly obvious you were stealing from a mom and a baby, seeing as the bag was right next to a baby car seat. Oh, and it was a DIAPER bag. I can't even fathom what kind of a low life you must be to be able to justify stealing from a baby. I regret not having left a nice poopy diaper in the bag for you to discover.
All I can say is what goes around, comes around.

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