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Welcome 2011

By Ladyexpat
We rang in the New Year with our next door neighbors.  It was a fun evening.  Our son went to bed around 9pm and slept through the war of fireworks.  We were impressed.  I was so glad because by midnight I was worn out.  
Our neighbors cooked duck which was really good.  The only other time I have eaten duck was at a Thai food restaurant in Texas and it was slimy and gross.  This duck was not slimy and had a nice flavor.  She also cooked rice, dumplings, pasta, and several other things.  The wife is from Slovakia and her family made some homemade Slovakian pickles and salami which were both very good. Her husband is American and they both speak English.  We have some wonderful German neighbors who live on the other side of us.  We feel so blessed to have such wonderful neighbors.  We actually know our neighbors in Germany better than we did our neighbors in the States.  Something we want to duplicate once we return to the US - get to know our neighbors.
Today we had some friends over for dinner to celebrate the New Year.  We had three families over for a total of 12 people.  There were 8 adults and 4 kids.  We had a great time.  We cooked a spiral ham for the first time, which turned out great, black eyed peas, corn, peas, Greek Salad, rolls, and several appetizers of fruit, cheese, crackers, chips, and dip. For dessert I baked chocolate chip cookies, one friend brought homemade apple pie, my neighbors brought peanut butter balls, and my other friend brought muffins.  The food was delicious and the conversations were enjoyable.  All of the kids got along great.  I even put up a kid's table and the kids sat there and ate very well.  My son was in his high chair but wanted down to go sit at the kid's table.  He did wonderful!  
I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful new year.  May God bless you and fill your home with love.  Many blessings from my house to yours.  Happy New Year!!

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