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Weeds...or Are They?

By Scarecrow
Weeds...or are they?Weeds...or are they????
February's rain total of over 150mm has spurred the early growth of weeds around the garden.
Taking a closer look has revealed some interesting volunteers...
Weeds...or are they?Hollyhocks Alcea rosea
and to think I've sown some seeds rolleyes
Weeds...or are they?Nettles Urtica dioica
very early this year
and much too useful to call a weed!
Weeds...or are they?New Zealand Spinach Tetragonia tetragonioides
or Warrigal Greens
a useful edible native
Weeds...or are they?Calendula Calendula officinalis
ever present, ever welcome!
Weeds...or are they?Acacia sp
but which one??? eek
Weeds...or are they?Red Kale Brassica oleracea
I didn't have any seeds of these to plant this year
and I notice these are free from pest attack smile
I have potted up some of the Hollyhocks, NZ Spinach and Kale plants. You might like to click on those photos to get a bigger view.

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