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Veteran’s Day

By Eriktiger @eriktiger



I am taking a moment to honor all those men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

As a twenty year veteran of the Air Force, I know these words mean a lot and stand for so much more.

The sacrifice made is too massive to measure and its affects are far reaching. Not only does the military member sacrifice, so does his or her family. Long deployments, out of contact for weeks on end sometimes, and the uncertainty that wearing the uniform brings into homes.

In today’s fast paced modern age, men and women can literally go from the chaos of combat to be home with their families in under 24 hours. The adjustment is huge and effects everyone in the family. PTSD rates are estimated to be as high as 25% or more for returning veterans. Many of these people will not seek help and instead suffer in silence before the closed doors of their homes, along side their spouses and children.

It is my hope that veterans suffering from the horrors of war will find the courage to seek help from themselves and their families.

Serving in the military is a noble cause and an honor.

Let’s never forget that.

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