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Valentine & Vagina

By Erikalust

As you know Valentine’s day is coming up. It’s never been feminism’s best friend and I’ve personnally never really been a fan of that “holiday” but I think it’s nice to dedicate some time to celebrate what you have with your special person, although I’d rather exchange charged up toys than corny cards, but again, every one is entitled to do whatever feels right.


However, although the sugar from the heart-shaped chocolates might make us see all in pink, we shouldn’t forget about all the women who still don’t get the respect they deserve and have to go through violence and humiliations, everyday in the world, in your city, in your building. That’s why you could make this Valentine’s day really important and support V-day, a non-profit organization founded by Vagina Monologues’ Author Eve Ensler, with a mission to stop violence against women and girls around the world. Their core beliefs are:

  • Art has the power to reach, transform and inspire people to act.
  • Empowered women are unstoppable leaders and lasting social and cultural change is spread through their experience.
  • You cannot end violence against women without looking at the intersection of poverty, racism, the environment and war.

They recently opened City of Joy, a community to help Congolese women by providing group therapy, sexuality education, economic empowerment, dance, theater…

To help, you can create an event or participate in one of the many V-Day events in the world to help raise awareness…

…and still enjoy your very own Valentine’s Day by night…

Valentine & Vagina

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