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The Supernatural Tornado Cycle of Blessings.

By Rachel

The Supernatural Tornado Cycle of Blessings.People could enjoy constant blessings but instead of giving, they keep waiting to receive. They stand around wondering where their prosperity is. They will commit to giving when prosperity comes in. The law of the universe doesn't work that way.
"Give and it will be given to you again. The way you measure it, it shall be measured back to you. Sow, and you shall reap." 
You have to make the first move. Imagine the farmer having a harvest without even planting the seed. Imagine planting year round, so you'll be receiving year round. Just remember, whatever you've been casting out there is always what you find eventually. If you give fear, doubt and unbelief, that's what will be coming to you. If you give nothing, then you get nothing.
Step out in faith and use the supernatural cycle of blessing in motion. Start now planting one good seed after another. 
At some point you will enjoy a good harvest.

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