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The Revolving Door of Unaccountability

Posted on the 13 July 2011 by Billcookonline @billcookonline

Years ago, when I was a District Manager for Critical Care America, every six months or so I would get a new VP of Sales for a boss.  So, after my fourth new boss in a year and a half, I began to wonder if I should implement all the new directives from the new leader, or simply wait him out!

Unfortunately, this trend still occurs as the average tenure of sales leaders is very short– less than 2 years for Vice Presidents of Sales.  We frequently hear about the cost of sales rep turnover, which in many health care industries is 25% to 35% or higher annually, and how that turnover dramatically impacts the top and bottom lines for organizations.

But, we seldom hear about the cost of turnover of the managers and directors and VP’s who lead the sales teams, and the negative impact that has on the sales folks beneath them.  Since I have moved around some in my career, I am qualified to speak about this topic, but I am much more interested in your thoughts on this issue.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts.  Does turnover in the sales management ranks of a company have a negative impact?  If so, how much impact does it have?  A lot, or a little?

Thanks for sharing, Bill

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