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The "Golden Rules" Of Arctic Travel

Posted on the 13 April 2012 by Kungfujedi
It has been another very difficult year in the Arctic and for the second season in a row, there have been no successful expeditions to the North Pole along the full route. It is becoming increasingly challenging to make that journey in no small part due to climate change and the disruption of the pack ice. Still, each year there are a number of intrepid individuals who are willing to give it a go and for those planning on undertaking that journey in the future, ExWeb has some suggestions that could spell the difference between success and failure.
In an article posted yesterday, explorer David Pierce Jones shares his "Arctic Golden Rules" that he picked up on his 2010 expedition to the Pole. David, who has reached the summit of Everest, quotes famous Polar Explorer Richard Weber who describes the journey as "the Hardest Trek on the Planet." He also notes that going to the North Pole isn't harder or easier than summiting the tallest mountain on the planet, it is just very different.
The list of "golden rules" is long, very frank and undoubtedly helpful for those considering a North Pole expedition. For instance, David recommends things like "learn to ski before you go" and "choose yoru team mates carefull," which seem like common sense items but are none-the-less worth noting. He also has tips for finding a good campsite, which he says the team will finally agree upon after 41 days out on the ice, and he recommends using caffeine tablets, enzyme pills and fleece over down.
The advice is very practical and no doubt the result of things that he learned while on his expedition or from mistakes he made along the way. His biggest suggestion for success? Invest in Richard Weber's Polar Training Program and do your research before you go. He recommends reading ExWeb archives to discover the things that worked and didn't work for past expeditions. Avoid the mistakes of others and learn from those who were able to prevail.
It's an interesting article and anyone can pick-up a few tips for their cold weather adventures by reading it, even if you're not going to the North Pole. ExWeb indicates that there will be a second article to follow that will share even more tips for success in the Arctic as well.

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