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The First Farewell

By Cbhojwani
The First Farewell

In the 10 months of our marriage, Mr.B and I have been by each others side day in and day out and to say we’ve grown accustomed to each other is an understatement. For instance, I’ve started to get used to the A/C and even switch off the boiler, well most of the time anyway. He makes sure we’re always stocked up with Coke, even if it comes with the nagging warning of how bad it is for my teeth. Like Mickey & Minnie, Jay-Z & Beyonce, Cheech & Chong (minus the pot) we’ve been joined at the hip. So it’s understandable that it’s a struggle and a half when I leave Mr.B’s side for the first time as I make my way to London.

The First Farewell

Few nights before leaving, we lay in bed and were watching some telly when I realized I wouldn’t see him for two weeks and began to choke up. I understood that this wasn’t going to be easy for Mr.B either and I needed to be considerate about the emotional toll this would take on him.I turned to him and gently placed my hand on his arm. As the flickering light from the television reflected in his subtly hazel eyes, Mr.B asked what was wrong. I contemplated telling him that I wanted to stay back, I didn’t want to leave his side and I’d miss him terribly but I chose to be strong for him.

‘What are you going to do when I go?’ I asked with genuine concern.

The First Farewell

Mr.B turned and looked at the TV as he pondered.Perhaps I shouldn’t have asked him the question as it turned his attention to all the time we’d be spending apart. I bit my bottom lip and tried to come up with a topic changer when he finally turned toward me and said;

‘I guess, I’ll sleep in the middle…’

Marriage Tip No. 36

Just because you feel something, don’t assume your spouse does!

Welcome to our 'touching' married life.

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