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Superdrug - Dry Shampoo

By Georginacallen @georginacallen
Superdrug - Dry Shampoo
Superdrug - Dry Shampoo Superdrug Dry Shampoo £1.99 Superdrug 
I've always grabbed Batiste every time I've needed dry shampoo not really for any other reason than it's often the only branded dry shampoo on the shelf. However I've noticed it's creeping up in price a tiny bit and I thought it was time to check out some alternatives. I picked these Superdrug dry shampoo's up with an offer of buy one get two free (the third is at my boyfriends) so it was bargainous and looking at their website they seem to have an offer on these pretty consistently so they were very very cheap. 
The scents on all the range were nice - nothing offensive amongst them. I do like the scent of Heart on Your Sleeve the most it's a kind of romantic yet fresh scent that is lovely to spritz all over your roots. So how do they stand up - the only thing between these and Batiste is that these are a lot more talcum powder than spray and you have to spritz them quite far away from our head and give it a good ruffle to not end up with a white scalp. But despite this they do work and I'm willing to give my hair more a ruffle to save some serious pennies. I'm reaching for dry shampoo more recently to just add texture to my hair so I'm getting through it a fair bit. I like to always have a back up in my drawer and when they're this cheap I can leave them everywhere :)  Superdrug - Dry Shampoo

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