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Story of My Palm Tree:)/ How to Grow a Palm Tree?

By Chandnis80
Much before we bought our house, I had already decided the number of rooms and how my dream home should be:) (Dont tell me Im not the only one) Ok I also started buying stuff for my new home that we hadnt even started looking for(hmmm I knew we were going to buy one some day hehehe)And one of my wishes was to have 3 palm trees in the front yard. We saw many houses and we even put an offer on some and didnt get it..... This was the first time for us and it was kinda disappointing... and none of those houses had all that I wanted. Then finally we came to see this house and I totally fell in love with it. From the entrance to the completion of the home tour, it had every bit I had ever wanted..... I still cant believe it... God was sooo goood to answer even the little things I had asked for. I knew this was it!!! This was going to be my home :) And by Gods grace we were able to buy it with my two palm trees in my front yard :) Well every time I see them Im reminded of Gods presence in my life..... just had to share it before giving you tips on growing one :) As I told you before since I wanted a palm tree in my front yard I had already researched on how to grow one :) So heres some tips on growing your very own palm tree....
Story of my Palm tree:)/ How to grow a palm tree?
Many factors are involved in successfully growing a palm tree.
One main aspect is to finding the right sprecies to grow in your garden. Did you know that there are over two thousand and odd palms.......hmmmmm mind boggling huh... yea I never knew that before.The best way to find the perfect palm for your garden is to go to the nursery and talk to them as they will ask you question such as where u live and how hot or cold is it in wineter etc and they will narrow it down for you and then it will be much easier for you to choose your palm.
The next aspect is to decide the size of the plant. You can buy small plants or big mature palms.The small plants are inexpencive but talk a while to grow. The large ones are pretty expencive but will def give instant gratification.:)
The other aspect is to know when to plant the palms. If you are in an extremely hot area like Palm Springs or Las Vegas, avoiding planting during the extreme hot months might be warranted. However, there are very sturdy species that can essentially be planted any time of the year. It’s probably best to check with your palm expert at the nursery when you buy your plants.
The right soil is also important for the Palm to flourish.Find out if its clay or sand.The amendments one uses when preparing the soil for planting are different for clay or sandy soil.The best scenario is to have a sandy soil with a bit of slope or incline to the garden.Sandy Soil: For every three parts of your native soil, mix in one part of organic material (fir shavings, etc.) For Clay Soil: For every three parts of your native soil, mix in one part of organic material and one part of course sand.
Remove from the pot and dig a hole and plant it an inch or two deeper to create a “watering well”. Fill the bottom with soil blend and plant it and water it. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have more info to share pls post them :)
Story of my Palm tree:)/ How to grow a palm tree? 

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