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Spontaneous Collective-conscious Entities and the Dream-lives of Others

Posted on the 19 December 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
spontaneous collective-conscious entities and the dream-lives of othersokay, that's a strangely convoluted (and potentially clichéd) title, but you'll see what I'm hinting at as you read on...
1) spontaneous collective-conscious entities:
and I'm not necessarily talking about Karl Jung's 'collective unconsciousness' here...
I'm talking about...
I'm a writer, right? Well, technically, and in a former, turbulent, writing life I was Hertzan Chimera. An invention, and idea, an attitude; more than a pseudonym. One of Hertzan Chimera's favorite things to do was COLLABORATE; I collaborated, as Hertzan Chimera, with many writers male and female. And one of our collections was called THE TRICEPHALLIC BRAIN, at least that was the basis...
"A tricephallic brain is a brain, just like the one you and I have, that, instead of having TWO upper hemispheres separated by a membrane, has three; a left side, a central side and a right side." Now this tricephallic brain has to cogitate information from THREE INDIVIDUAL SOURCES, in our case the three writers involved in the story-writing game, and it was a game. This three-lobed brain was unlike EITHER of us but contained input from us. It 'seemed to have' a life of its own; like the upturned glass on the OuiJa board, you could say.
For us, this 'entity', this figurised threesome LIVED as a separate creative force outside of our input -- obviously drawing inspiration from the THREE but living its own life for however long our trio participated in the collection.
And this (just recently) got me wondering. Our bi-cephallic brains are like TWO SEPARATE ORGANIC ENTITIES communicating across a divide called the Corpus Callosum. Well, isn't that what EVERY SOCIAL INTERACTION IS? Every time 'man gets together' isn't that like separate sides of a brain talking across a physical gap, a divide, bridging spacetime with filtered connectivity?
And you can expand this out to the entire world, whether that be digital communications or social gatherings, movements, CULTS.
REAL ENTITIES OTHER THAN OURSELVES EXIST for as long as we continue the connection, with others.
2) the dream lives of others:
of course, and this is the general understanding, our brains need to process (or compress) the various emotional/factual events of the day into 'coded narratives' or dreams to improve efficiency of the brain for the next living day. Sure, that's the understanding, the belief, but what about THE OTHER PEOPLE we share this planet with?
And this might be more like Karl Jung's collective unconsciousness idea, but I'll go one further, "What if we are dreaming waking people's lives?"
Why waking people? Well, you know, INTERFERENCE of signal... while we sleep, half the world is alive and BUSY. This activity causes brainwaves. These brainwaves, because we don't really know how thought traverses the void of spacetime, might (BIG) SOMEHOW be able to muck about with our own brain function in some way that is only really explored when we're in the R.E.M. sleep state, where these often alien visual narratives are played out in our head.
I kept a dream diary for some years, and surely this is what's really fucked up my memory over the years, unravelling these stupid narrative enigmas and unwrapping the delicate coded memory system my evolution has used for millennia. The thing is I RECOGNISED NEXT TO NOTHING about my day's activity in these 'night stories'. Elements, surely, but the code of the content seemed UNLIKE ME, as if it might have well have been the thoughts, the living essence of someone else.
And I'm not talking about Spiritual Possession either, as I really don't believe we have them. I don't think the Universe is a Spiritual Universe. I suspect that WAVELENGTHS and INFESTATION from living (conscious) people within our viscinity or on the other side of the world, certainly on our planet but potentially across the entire universe, in the appropriately receptive state, might be accrue plausibility.

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By Mick de Burgh
posted on 04 September at 13:31

Are you talking about being connected to the matrix, like in the movie.