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  • Hotel Charges Guests For Bad Trip Advisor Review

    CNN reports that a couple who gave a hotel in Northern England a bad review on Trip Advisor received an additional bill per the hotel’s policy: guests get $156... Read more

    The 20 november 2014 by   Nottheworstnews
  • He Who Hates... is He Who is Weak

    “Hatred is weakness, for it refuses to see that collective selfishness is just as wrong as individual selfishness; it is the weakness of the man who is not... Read more

    The 19 november 2014 by   Brutallyhonest
  • A Special Invitation from Howard County to Me? Really??

    I just got this invitation in the mail. Does this mean Howard County thinks I’m special? Wow!! I am honored (yes I know they send these things to about a billio... Read more

    The 19 november 2014 by   Urbanbushwoman
  • Pan-african Solidarity Statement with the Burkinabe People

    Thomas Sankara, the charismatic and pan-Africanist Burkinabe leader.This message of pan-African solidarity is written more than two weeks after the forced... Read more

    The 19 november 2014 by   Therisingcontinent
  • Dear Dad: Let’s Try This Again

    The author and her father This article is a response to Pippa Biddle’s call to action in her piece “Dear Sisters,” published last week on Read more

    The 19 november 2014 by   Juliez
  • The Formula

    Drama + Chaos = WomanI wish it wasn’t true, but I swear to God it is. And I have had a lot of experience too. More than a lot of guys will in 20 lifetimes. Read more

    The 19 november 2014 by   Calvinthedog
  • Senate Kills The Keystone XL Pipeline (For Now)

    Republicans (and a few Big Oil lovers among the Democrats) tried to get the Keystone XL pipeline approved yesterday -- but they fell short by one vote. Read more

    The 19 november 2014 by   Jobsanger
  • Brazil’s Number Two Wireless Carrier TIM Up For Sale

    Brazilian wireless carrier TIM Participações could soon have new owners. The telecommunications company is the target of a takeover bid that could value the... Read more

    The 18 november 2014 by   Angelicolaw
  • Why Impeachment Is Off The Table "Have You Met Joe Biden?"

    By Susan Duclos, via All News PipeLineA senior aide to a House Republican, along with South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy, known as Washington's "pit bull,... Read more

    The 16 november 2014 by   Susanduclos
  • Sanctity Of Marriage? Really?

    One of the primary reasons the fundamentalist right gives for opposing same-sex marriage is that it would destroy the "sanctity" of marriage, which they conside... Read more

    The 16 november 2014 by   Jobsanger