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Shout Out Suffolk

By Azanimals @azanimals

 Shout Out Suffolk (c) UCS On the 12th February 2013 Suffolk Fellows will launch ‘Shout out Suffolk’ in response to the RSA and Suffolk County Council’s Raising the Bar Inquiry.

Raising the bar aims to discover practical ways in which Suffolk can become a place where education is excellent and improving, schools and employers work together, and there is a culture of learning and high expectations both inside and outside of schools.

Shout Out Suffolk (c) UCS
Shout out Suffolk’ is a virtual scrapbook that will publish children and young peoples’ views and allow their voices to be heard through conventional, creative and virtual platforms. The 'Virtual Scrapbook' will run for approximately six weeks and will include contributions from semi-structured interviews held directly with young people.

It will draw on expert knowledge from Fellows involved in research at UCS and the commitment of local RSA Fellows. Shout out Suffolk has an ethical, child centred philosophy, using art and activities to empower children to make a meaningful contribution to the Inquiry. We will compile our findings and make a proposal for further action in time for Raising the Bar’s final report.

Shout Out Suffolk (c) UCS
How can you support us? Please encourage people under 19 and living in Suffolk to tell us what they think they can write, or draw, make a film or a take photograph and send it with a description to

It is imperative at this time that we advocate for the children and young person's voice in Suffolk we want to open the Inquiry to them and encourage and raise their aspirations.

Our real challenge will be to make sure we hear these voices, really listen to what they are saying and then encourage and support them to take good ideas forward.

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