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Revolution Fatigue

Posted on the 17 March 2011 by Warigia @WarigiaBowman
People are beginning to lose the sense of euphoria they had on February 13th. The harsh reality is setting in. Democratizing Egypt is going to take a long time.
AE wrote:  the utopia we had in Tahrir...we're gonna have it prevailing's just a work in progress...the work is dull and ain't easy...but like i always say,the millions of people who got on the street,each of them knew there was a big ...chance of not going home or at least getting tortured...but we had a demand and we took the deal...and now we're going through with's just a work in progress and if we break down...then it would make all what we did so far so worthless!...hold it together!
Good article by Rahman Abdel Hussein on this. He argues that the current military rule in Egypt is authoritarian and unaccountable. I tend to agree. We are a long way from democracy.
My students told me that they are tired of talking about the revolution, day in and day out, with their classmates, their family and their friends. They have reached saturation point.
Duly Noted.

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