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Putin Doing the Work American (presidents) Are Unwilling to Do

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Move over Barry –
there’s a new Sheriff in town


“To Forgive The Terrorists Is Up To God, But To Send Them To Him Is Up To Me” – Vladimir Putin 

“Like any other day, Russian President Vladimir Putin woke up, shaved himself with a sharpened axe (didn’t even use shaving cream), and then mentioned casually to a reporter, ‘To forgive the terrorists is up to God, but to send them to him is up to me.'”
– Rudy Panko on Russian Insider

I am not happy to be praising a country that was our rival during most of my life. But let’s examine a couple of facts presented by Dianne Marshall in The Marshall Report:

october 15, 2015 – dianne marshall

Putin’s message is clear to the western world. He is ridding the Syrian area of all the terrorists the west has, under Obama’s leadership, sent into the region to kill Christians and topple Syrian President Assad. Putin is not letting up and all systems are go for “Operation Salvation”

…Meanwhile the west is holding firm in their propaganda that the problems in Syria have caused a refugee crisis and continues to send it’s healthy young adult men with fresh cut hair, brand name clothes and clear voices that shout Allah Akbar throughout Europe and the United States. The refugees have been being sent since the crisis began and is now clearly seen by many European nations as a Trojan Horse mandated by the western controlled UN refugee agency’s mandate…

…While the refugees shout Allah Akbar, Putin has declared, “It is morally incumbent upon Russia to change this terrible status quo in the Middle-East. Prepare for operation ‘Salvation’ and with God almighty’s aid , we shall cleanse Syria from Obama’s ruthless terrorists.”…

Vladimir Putin introducing his son to President Reagan.

Vladimir Putin introducing his son to President Reagan.

We live in interesting times. May the Lord have mercy on us. 


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