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Patrick Moberg’s Lessons from a Dog: Timeless Lessons from Your Pooch

By Hundidocom @hundidopuppy

Apart from being a constant, loyal companion, your dog can teach you timeless life lessons. He may not have the ability to articulately verbalize these lessons but by merely observing his actions, his patience, his endless love and devotion to you, you’ll figure out what your canine friend wants to impart.

Illustrator Patrick Moberg cleverly sums-up Lessons from a Dog that everyone should follow.

lessons from a dog

It has been said over and over again that dogs give unconditional love to their owners. You leave your dog alone to go to the office and when you come back he’ll act as if you’ve been gone for years. He unashamedly shows you that he missed you while you’re gone and he’s happy that you’re back. These he do without asking anything in return.

lessons from a dog

One of the warmest feelings in the world is sharing something to someone. A bonus to that is seeing that what you’ve done is appreciated. Dogs show appreciation all the time; it’s high time people do the same.

lessons from a dog

Curiousity may kill the cat, but a curious mind, just like with dogs, can open you up to new people, things and happenings that can make your life a lot brighter and happier.

lessons from a dog

And savor the moment. With all the rush and busy schedule here and there, people often forget to stop, breathe and just enjoy life’s simple pleasures – like taking a nap or having a 15-minute uninterrupted break.

lessons from a dog

Understand that sometimes you take a backseat in someone’s life but also knowing that even with that, you’re not taken for granted.

lessons from a dog

And never hold a grudge.

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