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Posted on the 22 June 2011 by Epmworld @EPMWORLD_HYD

There is no point of having a team which doesn’t know the culture of organization and which doesn’t appreciate its values. The enterprise team may consist individuals from different cultural backgrounds, different work culture merits, but once they are the team of an enterprise they should follow one culture i.e. the culture of the enterprise.

Startup Visa D.O.A., and Startup America Just a Giant Press Release?

In the last one year, I came in contact with several US based NRIs who intend to invest in India. I am providing my services to some of them who have started their venture here. When I heard about Startup Visa news, I felt it would make these NRIs rethink about their investment in India. Having worked in U.S. for quite a long time, they would naturally tend to remain there in face of an opportunity like Startup Visa. I personally feel that non-implementation of Startup Visa would only help countries like India and an obvious loss to U.S.

Too Much Entrepreneurship Is a Bad Thing

I firmly support entrepreneurship even if it is termed as ‘start-up’ fever or so. I consider it as a research being done towards entrepreneurship development. The result may not be 100% but it would be worthwhile. Here I draw an analogy to the practice of research undertaken by companies at huge costs sustaining several failures. At the end they achieve their objective. Let learned people mentor the start-ups and help in increased success. Then the start-ups won’t be unproven businesses.

When Failure Hits

Great indeed!. Your success came through the right move where the engineers were entrusted with business development. It is very common that the impact and noticeability of failure is very high where the victim is a start-up entrepreneur. I am sure several such entrepreneurs would bounce back successfully provided they could gather the wherewithal to rework on the project taking the cue from the lessons learned.

Why Most Product Launches Fail

Well said. While your points are quite true with the big organizations, small businesses (a) don’t believe in market research (b) don’t allocate sufficient resources for marketing, (c) don’t believe in product branding, and (d) lack professional approach. I have seen several companies trying to market products with very badly done marketing collateral, and trying to push products through the team who lack sufficient education about their own product. At a time whenever one is trying to talk about the social media strategies, this article is a very important reminder towards the basic and first approach in marketing.

Family Firms Need Professional Management

Very true. My experience with family owned businesses is such that today I hesitate to accept them as my client(s). Even if the CEO is external, he would just be a YES man. In fact, he should act so to save his position. The descending progeny make hardly any difference even if they come from the best of business schools. They are invariably guided by the elders in the family. Rules never get changed. Business processes remain same. At times, the trust man of the family wield more power than the appointed CEO of the business. A good topic indeed.

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